Our will to always improve our products to offer you the best quality on the market, bring us to introduce the EasyMix 2008.

The Easymix was first designed specifically for Bus Eater wave so we had to add few details to create an all-waves kayak. The Easymix 2008 is nothing else than the final version of the Easymix.

Main modifications were made on:

- The stern to make the kayak surfs more and balance better the volume.

- The fittings with a strong seat which holds your back (no backrest needed), foam, wedging blocks etc.

We also made another step forward by having the possibility to add or take out 1cm between bottom and upper part of our kayaks. For example, this enables short but heavy people to order and paddle the Easymix 2008 thanks to this extra volume.

It has been on water since beginning of 2008 and it has appeared to be one of the best freestyle kayaks on market. French paddlers from national team almost all changed their former boats for a GuiGui and orders have suddenly exploded at the shop.

As always, the best would be to try it and to judge by yourself.

Have a look at some videos:




- weight : 8 kg for team version

- price : 1880 € for team version

More informations: E-mail: guiguirespod@hotmail.fr


Easy mix 2008

Shaper: Guillaume RESPAUD, Léo CARPENNE

Length: 1,85 m

Width: 60 cm

Heigth: 40 cm

Paddler weigth max:1m85 for 90kg

Paddler weigth mini: 65kg