In terms of construction, all the knowledge and experience gathered in the Guigui Prod workshop over more than 15 years in the domain of composites is put to your service to provide you with a strong, reliable and durable boat. The Shinobi uses the most solid contruction in the market combining kevlar, epoxy and monobloc.

Two versions are available:

-Light version, 15kg coming in at 2400€ - flexible and lightweight.

-Strong  version, 18kg coming in at 2700€ - indestructible, as it uses up to 44m2 of multi-axial kevlar, just imagine the surface of an apartment in kevlar used to build one boat! This version is up to 8mm thick in the most reinforced places.

At Guigui Prod we take security very seriously making it our top priority:

- 5 aluminum handles

- Adjustable footrest with shook-absorption foam in case of violent crash.

-We did not include a central foam block as composite boats have enough rigidity to suppress this element, which would interfere on the wet exit rather than help to increase safety.

Comfort is another of the strengths that Guigui Prod has been working on and putting endless effort in order to satisfy the most exigent paddlers.

All the innovations included in the new 2018 freestyle shape are available for the Shinobi:

- Immersion Research adjustable backrest,

- Adjustable hip-pads, a compacted ergonomic foam seat, and the carbon thigh pads integrated as part of the cockpit.

- The combination between a 3D rim  and waterproof foam makes for a dry and safe boat which will avoid dangerous implosions

- We will also provide you with 1m2 of adhesive foam so you can fit and adjust the outfit of the boat according to your own likes and preferences.

Furthermore as any other Guigui Boat, we encourage you to get creative and personalize your boat with a sick design. The hull of the boat will be painted in white with a gel-coat specially designed to minimize abrasion to keep your boat nice and pretty, this color cannot be changed.

To sum up things, the Shinobi is made for those of you who want to enjoy themselves on a unique boat and discover the reactivity of the composite.

Lightweight, maneuverable, fast, safe and comfy, you will have the impression to levitate above the water and trace lines with minimal effort.

It’s dimensions 275x80x40 make this boat a beast that will push your paddling and confidence while feeling the smoothness of a slalom boat.

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Orders: here

Dimensions: 271 x 67 x 38cm

Paddlers range: 65kg / 110kg